Carlsberg said today (17 June) that it has reviewed its media buying and planning across its major European markets. The company has signed a letter of intent with OMD to handle its media planning and buying services in the region.
The final agreement is expected to be settled in August this year.
"We are looking forward to a strong cooperation and partnership with OMD in the years to come," said Alex Myers, senior vice president, group sales and marketing at Carlsberg. "OMD has had a very strong performance throughout the media agency pitch both on a market-by-market, and a European level. We expect to achieve greater efficiency in media planning and buying but also a good strategic input to help us track and improve our brand performance and overall media strategy."

During the first half of 2005 Carlsberg has been reviewing its media agencies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Italy.

"Carlsberg will continue to work with the existing agencies with the same good relationship as always during 2005 and OMD will prepare the ground work for the 2006 media planning process," said Myers.

Four incumbent agencies took part in the review which was initiated in connection with Carlsberg's broader Commercial Exellence programme focusing on improving marketing & sales efficiency and execution.