Carlsbergs Rasmussen said future innovation will include products that support beer

Carlsberg's Rasmussen said future innovation will include products that support beer

The CEO of Carlsberg has said that the brewer will look at adjacent categories to beer in a bid to broaden its offering globally.

Speaking on the sidelines of a one day investor conference in Copenhagen yesterday (15 September), Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen told just-drinks that successful launches in Russia of Somersby cider and Eve, a fruit-flavoured malt beverage aimed at women, suggested that it could look to products other than core brands for growth.

"When we look at innovation in the future, we will see products that support beer," Rasmussen said.

He added that the world's fourth largest brewer was to target women and northern and western European markets in particular.

"The Russian consumers always like new news, they are very brand-minded," he said. "When we talk about innovation in Carlsberg it has to build on our core competencies, and to me our core competencies are new products and concepts. It could be for women and it might mean looking at different platforms - we talk a lot about health. We have to look at the mega trends in society when we are coming up with new concepts and ideas."

He added: "There will be new concepts, there will be some new beer types, but not just for Russia, this is a group innovation where we look at global trends and where the profit opportunities are. Then we look at how we can get new consumers into our categories or new adjacent categories, those being adjacent or close to beer."

Innovation, Rasmussen said, is part of Carlsberg's strategy and ambition to become "the fastest growing global beer company".

"We have some markets where we are not number one or number two," he added. "In the UK, we are still not happy where we are. In this business and category, if you are not strong it is not easy to make it an attractive business proposition. We have a strong base in developed markets, but we have 44% volume growth in developing markets and Asia. Balance is important for us.

"Our ambition is to be the fastest growing global beer company. I do believe we can deliver. We believe if we deliver we will be attractive to any stakeholder. Carlsberg has a lot of potential, it should be bigger and we want to exploit this going forward."