Carlsberg expands in India

Carlsberg expands in India

Carlsberg has launched Tuborg Strong in India as it looks to stamp its footprint on the country's emerging beer market.

The strong beer segment in India comprises over 75% of the market by volume.

“The premium beer segment in India is evolving and we expect to push the momentum,” said Carlsberg India's marketing director, Devapriya Khanna, this week.

Carlsberg hopes Tuborg Strong’s pull-off cap will be an added attraction. The beer is available in 330ml, 500ml and 650ml and is being brewed out of four Carlsberg  breweries in India.

Carlsberg already sells its namesake beer (super premium mild), Palone (premium strong) and Tuborg (premium mild) in India.

The face of the Indian beer market is changing with major international brands being priced at par with domestic brands, such as UB Group's Kingfisher.

Carsberg's share remains low in a market dominated by SABMiller and UB Group. In 2009, Carlsberg India sold an estimated 5.6m cases of beer in a market of 200m cases, although it has a higher market share in major cities.

Carlsberg will report its second quarter and half-year results on 17 August.