Carlsberg Breweries A/S has again increased its shareholding in the Polish-based Carlsberg Okocim through the acquisition of a further 6% of it's share capital.

The shares were acquired at a price of DKK60m from the German brewery Bitburger who have thus sold their remaining shares in Carlsberg Okocim. Carlsberg Breweries now owns 85% per cent of the shares in the Polish brewer.

"The acquisition is part of Carlsberg Breweries' strategy to increase its shareholding in important breweries," the company said.

The Polish state and the Danish IØ-foundation own close to 11% of Carlsberg Okocim and the rest of the shares (approximately 4%) are held by private investors.
Poland is the 10th largest beer market in the world. In 2002, the total consumption was 27m hl beer which is equivalent to a yearly per capita consumption of 69 litres. Over the past five years, the annual consumption has increased by approximately 7%.

Carlsberg Okocim has a market share of 14% and Carlsberg is the fastest growing premium brand in Poland.