Kronenbourg 1664 Sans Alcool

Kronenbourg 1664 Sans Alcool

Carlsberg Group's Kronenbourg 1664 Sans Alcool

Category - Beer, lager, 0.5% abv 

Avaiable - Launched today (18 June)

Location - France, off-trade 

Price - EUR3.90 per six-pack for 25cl bottles  

Distribution - Kronenbourg

Carlsberg Group-owned French brewer Brasseries Kronenbourg has today (18 June) launched an "alcohol-free" version of its 1664 brand in response to consumer trends.

Billed as “the first alcohol-free premium beer,” 1664 Sans Alcool is made with the same ingredients and according to the same process as regular beer, only the duration of the fermentation period differs, Kronebourg said. A company spokesperson confirmed the brand's abv is 0.5%. 

"The consumption of alcohol-free beer is often motivated by health concerns and our aim has been to also make it a truly pleasurable experience in taking this segment upmarket," said Sophie Vandelle-Trapet, Brasseries Kronenbourg's marketing innovation group manager. 

In Feburary, Kronenbourg launched a flavoured beer brand extension, 'K,' available in lemon & lime and red fruit.