While festivities in France in the wake of Euro 2000 are starting to die down, Carlsberg-Tetley is beginning to celebrate the results of its marketing activities in the lead up to and during the Euro 2000 tournament. Initial results show that sales in multiple grocers alone rose by an enormous 773%, while the take home market enjoyed an overall increase of 307%.

Early internal data shows that Carlsberg has enjoyed a massive 48.2% overall increase in sales during Euro 2000!

As Official Sponsor of Euro 2000, Official Supporter of the England Team and broadcast sponsor for all of ITV's coverage of the competition, the Euro 2000 tournament has been the focus of a highly successful integrated marketing campaign for the Carlsberg brand.

Doug Clydesdale, Carlsberg-Tetley's Head of Marketing and Take Home Sales commented "Carlsberg has significantly improved its position during Euro 2000 and reinforced its football credentials at the same time. These figures show that we have been able to build on our experience in sports and event marketing in order to maximise both exposure and sales for the Carlsberg brand".

Even before the first ball of Euro 2000 was kicked, the signs for Carlsberg were looking extremely favourable. Independent research among 800 males aged 18-44 carried out at the end of April revealed a 30% spontaneous recall associating Carlsberg with football, with highest awareness among 18-24 year olds. Carlsberg was the brand most closely associated with Euro 2000, with twice the recall of the number two-mentioned sponsor.

Despite the absence of both the England team and summer weather from much of the tournament (in major contrast to the Euro 96 competition), this solid base served as a fantastic springboard to prompt consumer loyalty to Carlsberg during the tournament.

This was capitalised upon by a promotion called "Probaball" that gave consumers a chance to win £1,000,000 and the sponsorship of ITV's broadcast coverage of Euro 2000. ITV's total viewing during Euro 2000 was higher than during Euro 96 with a cumulative total of nearly 100 million watching ITV's coverage.

The number of people who watched England's opening game against Portugal on ITV exceeded the number who watched the crucial England versus Holland match during Euro '96 by more than 700,000. In the two games broadcast by both ITV and the BBC, ITV increased its share of the football audience by 20%, giving Carlsberg access to a greater number of target consumers than was originally anticipated.

In fact, the latest audience ratings have revealed that more viewers switched onto the live matches shown by ITV in all three areas of football coverage; pre-match, the game itself, and post-match. This has brought them into regular contact with the Carlsberg sponsorship "bumpers", which depicted real people acting out famous footballing moments with the original commentary, and ensured that Carlsberg has further increased its profile as a tournament sponsor.

  • Numbers of match viewers are up by an average of more than 650,000 per game

  • Post-match figures are up on average by 625,000 per game

  • Pre-match viewers increased by an average more than 500,000 per game

  • In Euro 2000, ITV averaged 7m viewers per game for match coverage, an average of 7.2m viewers per game for post-match coverage and 4.2m average for pre-match ratings. This compares with Euro 96 figures of 6.4m, 6.7m and 3.6m respectively.

    Doug Clydesdale continues "Carlsberg as a brand is considerably bigger now than it was during Euro '96. Carlsberg has reaped the benefit of an ongoing relationship with football from grass roots level up to the international stage in the intervening four years and Carlsberg's success in Euro 2000 has stemmed from our integrated marketing campaign which has included sponsorship of ITV's broadcast coverage of the tournament".