Coors Brewers has launched a UK advertising push for Carling with a campaign that it hopes will promote the beer brand as the country "most sociable lager".

The brewer, the European arm of Molson Coors, said that it hopes the GBP14m (US$26.8m) campaign will carve a niche for Carling that is different from many of the beer brands in the UK.

"In a market where most brands promise to distance the consumer from his mates by symbolising exclusivity, discernment or attachment to another country, Carling is as inclusive as they come," Coors said yesterday (22 November).

"The new campaign celebrates Carling's position as the pint of the many not the few, and captures it in a single, simple word - Belong."

The first execution - entitled Starlings - shows real footage of the birds in flight. The footage is set to the track Living For The Weekend, by UK indie band Hard-Fi.

Trevor Beattie, founding partner at Beattie McGuinness Bungay, the agency that developed the campaign said: "We're determined to prove there's more to beer advertising than three blokes in a pub. The lads we're talking to live for their weekends. And they'll willingly identify themselves in all sorts of scenarios, even flocking starlings.

"We want the ads to be rewarding, open to interpretation. It's more like the opening of a club than the launch of an ad campaign."

Carling brand director Andy Cray added: "We're really excited about this new campaign, it's a step-change in lager advertising and will shake up the whole category. With 'Belong', we're getting to the heart of what Carling is all about - a sociable brand, sharing good times with your friends."