Stevia sweeteners come from the stevia plant

Stevia sweeteners come from the stevia plant

Cargill has unveiled its latest line of stevia-based sweeteners that, it claims, offers improvements at “high usage levels”.

The range, called ViaTech, has been produced using a taste prediction model, the US-based company said yesterday (6 March). 

“It's not just about finding a single steviol glycoside that works for everything," said Scott Fabro, global business development director at Cargill Corn Milling North America. "Cargill designed the ViaTech ingredients to deliver an optimal sweet taste at high-use levels, which has been a limitation with previous stevia-based products.”

Stevia-based sweeteners are produced from the naturally-occurring stevia plant and are increasingly being used by soft drinks makers as an alternative to artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Stevia, however, can produce a bitter taste and most manufactures blend it with other flavourings.

Melanie Goulson, sweetness applications leader at Cargill, added: “As we bring new stevia-based innovations to market that enable product developers to work in high-sweetness formulations such as carbonated soft drinks, we always keep in mind that our solutions must be commercially viable from a cost-in-use perspective.”

Cargill also owns the Truvia stevia-based sweetener.

The Coca-Cola Co is working with stevia maker PureCircle on its own range of sweeteners. Last year, the company unveiled Coca-Cola Life, which is the first branded Coca-Cola product to use stevia.