The Canadian water company, Sparkling Spring Water Holdings (SSWH), has acquired the Dutch water company, Sun Spring, based near Rotterdam. Sun Spring operates a home and office water delivery business serving approximately 7,500 locations throughout the Netherlands. Financial details of the deal were not made public.

"Our strong operating results have allowed us to make yet another acquisition," said Sparkling Spring's president, Dillon Schickli. "The purchase of Sun Spring is especially pleasing since in combination with our Mardeau acquisition this summer we have solidified the Netherlands as a new core territory. We are now in striking distance of achieving a number two position in the Netherlands."

Schickli also said that Sun Spring's production facilities would not only provide access to customers in the Netherlands but also in Germany and Belgium.

In addition to its operations in Canada, SSWH has activities in the UK and in the US, while its Whistler Water, Canadian Spring and Polaris brands are marketed internationally.