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Camus Cognac's Ile de Ré Fine Island, Double Matured, Cliffside Cellar

Category - Spirits, Cognac, 40% abv

Available - Since last week

Location - US, in around 20 states including the key markets of California, Florida, Illinois, Georgia and New York

Price - Fine Island US$49 per bottle, Double Mature $69, Cliffside Cellar $99

Distribution - Premier Beverage in Florida, Georgia Crown in Georgia, Wine Warehouse in California, Phoenix Beehive in New York, Southern Wine and Spirits in Illinois

Camus is looking to “unify” its Cognac portfolio in the US. “The US is now going quickly for us,” said company boss Cyril Camus. “Historically it hasn’t been a very good match for our portfolio profile, which is focused toward the high end. But the US is now moving more in that direction, so the opportunity is there.”

The family-owned Cognac house launched the Ile de Ré Fine Island and Double Matured variants in France 2003 and the Cliffside Cellar in 2011.

The company targeted the ultra-premium Cognac consumer in the US through the launch of a range of vintages in the country last year.

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New York, New York (August 2012)

CAMUS (pronunciation: “Kah-moo”), the last independent, family-owned Cognac house and 5th largest worldwide, is proud to announce the release of the first and only Ile de Ré Cognac. Ile de Ré is an island off the west coast of France that carries the designation of the mainland. The house of CAMUS is the first to bring an Ile de Ré Cognac to market, launching Ile de Ré Fine Island Cognacs this month.

Three unique expressions, Ile de Ré Fine Island, Double Matured, and Cliffside Cellar, will highlight the unexpected aromas, flavors and personalities distinctive to the island of Ile de Ré. Each has salty, maritime notes that generally appeal to Scotch drinkers. Available nationwide, in select markets, the SRPs are $49, $69, and $99, respectively.

Reinforcing their reputation as the “ORFEVRE du Cognac” (Cognac Craftsman), CAMUS has kept the extraordinary personality of the island’s eaux-de-vie, while offering outstanding smoothness and fruity aromas. Ile de Ré, prized for its pre-phylloxera vines, produces these one-of-a kind Cognacs that carry an intense local flavor.

CAMUS President, Cyril Camus, explains the inspiration for the launch in the U.S market, “We are very proud to offer this worldwide exclusive Cognac to America. With its naturally iodine-rich, lively yet dry palate, we are sure that the U.S. market is going to find this to be as special as we truly think it is.”

Ile de Ré Fine Island Cognac

This impressive Cognac offers a beautiful yellow and golden color. With light and fresh iodine notes and a lively, oak and salt finish this Cognac is perfect neat, on the rocks, with a dash of water or chilled. A specific aging process, with high humidity levels, imparts a pleasant roundness to this Cognac. (SRP. $49)

Ile de Ré Double Matured Cognac

This golden amber Cognac is like no other. With a unique age technique in two distinct stages; first aging in a cellar with high humidity and second aging in “toasted barrels,” this Cognac produces a fruity and smooth taste. Ile de Ré Double Matured is a distinctive Cognac with spicy, marine, crystallized fruit notes and a smoky finish. (SRP. $69)

Ile de Ré Cliffside Cellar Cognac

This amber-colored Cognac carries slight hints of orange. This distinctive Cognac has indications of vanilla, spice and traditional “rancio charentais.” Providing marine and iodine characters, this Cliffside Cellar has a specific aging period in the Fort de la Prée cellar located 10 meters away from the Atlantic Ocean. (SRP. $99)


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