Click through to view Camparis Wild Turkey Rare and Cola

Click through to view Campari's Wild Turkey Rare and Cola

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Campari's Wild Turkey Rare and Cola

Category - RTD, spirit-based, 8% abv

Available - From this month

Location - Australia, nation-wide

Price - RRP of AUD26.99 (US$25.50) for four-pack of either 32cl bottles or 37.5cl cans

Distribution - Campari

Campari has added another Wild Turkey-based RTD to its portfolio in Australia. The base of Wild Turkey Rare and Cola comprises 25% Wild Turkey Rare Breed barrel-proof Bourbon and 75% Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

The company also sells Wild Turkey and Cola, Wild Turkey and Dry and Wild Turkey 101 and Cola RTD variants in the country.

Earlier this year, Campari acquired Copack Beverage A Limited Partnership in Australia for AUD20m (US$18.6m). Copack has been the supplier of Campari's Wild Turkey RTD range in the country since 2010.

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Wild Turkey Bourbon has announced the launch of a new super-premium ready-to-drink (RTD), Wild Turkey Rare and Cola for the Australian market. Wild Turkey is famous for its bold smooth flavour and the new Wild Turkey Rare and Cola is no exception.

The base spirit of this new super-premium RTD is a combination of 25% Rare Breed, Wild Turkey’s highly-acclaimed Barrel Proof Bourbon, and 75% world-famous Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon delivering an unparalleled taste in a Bourbon RTD.

Wild Turkey Rare and Cola was developed in close consultation with some very passionate Bourbon fans. The group went to the effort of creating a dedicated Facebook fan page, with hundreds of members, requesting the release of a higher ABV Wild Turkey RTD offering.

“For the past couple of years, we have had a very vocal, engaged group of consumers consistently requesting the ultimate Bourbon RTD,” Wild Turkey Group Marketing Manager, Sally Byrne said. “These requests, coupled with the premium segment being the main growth driver in the Bourbon RTD category, prompted us to develop this exciting new product.

"To ensure Wild Turkey aficionados were delivered exactly what they were seeking, we assembled a group of these dedicated Facebook fans in Sydney to help create the ultimate Bourbon RTD. Setting the challenge to create the best tasting, super-premium Bourbon RTD on the market, our team knew they had perfected the blend and had something really special when one of the key aficionados said, ‘Now this is why my fridge has a top shelf!’.” 

To ensure this super-premium RTD captured Wild Turkey Rare Breed’s unique Barrel Proof taste, a blend was developed featuring a perfect balance of one part Wild Turkey Rare Breed to three parts Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The taste profile of Wild Turkey Rare and Cola captures the deep, smooth bourbon oak characteristics of Wild Turkey Bourbon combined with hints of sweet citrus and spices. 

“Wild Turkey Rare and Cola carries Wild Turkey’s quality credentials. As the product is positioned at the super-premium end of the market, it should be savoured to appreciate and enjoy the exquisite Wild Turkey Rare Breed base spirit which has won numerous awards, including a Double Gold Medal in the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition,” Ms Byrne added.

The new Wild Turkey Rare and Cola is 8% ABV. It will be available nationally in October 2013 in both 320ml bottles and 375ml cans for a RRP of $26.99 for a 4-pack.

Other Wild Turkey RTDs available in Australia include Wild Turkey and Cola, Wild Turkey and Dry and Wild Turkey 101 and Cola.

The Wild Turkey Bourbon range in Australia comprises of the original Wild Turkey Bourbon 86.8, Wild Turkey 101, Wild Turkey Bourbon American Honey and Wild Turkey Bourbon Rare Breed. In addition, there is the Ready to Drink (RTD) range, which is available exclusively in Australia in cans and bottles.

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