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Campari's Skyy Infusions Wild Strawberry

Category - Spirits, vodka, flavoured, 35% abv

Available - From this month

Location - US

Price - SRP of US$18.49 per 75cl bottle. Also available in 5cl ($1.99), 1-litre ($23.49) and 1.75-litre ($26.99)

Distribution - Campari America 

The US arm of Campari has launched an addition to the flavoured portfolio of its Skyy vodka brand. Skyy Infusions Wild Strawberry will be available in the country “just in time for Valentine's Day”. It joins Coconut, Dragon Fruit, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Ginger, Cherry, Grape, Citrus, Raspberry and Passion Fruit variants.

Campari America changed its name from Skyy Spirits at the start of last year.

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Expanding its pioneering, award-winning line of infused vodkas made with natural ingredients, SKYY Vodka introduces new SKYY Infusions Wild Strawberry, a sophisticated, first-of-its-kind vodka experience made with real, sweet wild strawberries. Launching just in time for Valentine's Day, Wild Strawberry joins the brand's existing line of innovative, premium flavors, which includes Coconut, Dragon Fruit, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Ginger, Cherry, Grape, Citrus, Raspberry and Passion Fruit.

Smaller and sweeter than their grocery-aisle cousin, wild strawberries are a favorite of farmer's markets across the country,   delivering a stronger flavor and a more aromatic bouquet than garden variety strawberries. Featuring a well-balanced celebration of ripe berries, hints of tropical vanilla, and finishing with the roundness of white chocolate, SKYY Infusions Wild Strawberry perfectly pairs with a box of Valentine's Day sweets.  Strawberries themselves have historically been referred to as the "fruit of love," making a SKYY Infusions Wild Strawberry cocktail the ideal accompaniment to Cupid's arrow.

"Fresh strawberry is one of the-most popular cocktail flavors in the US, but to date that bright, sweet experience hasn't really been captured in an actual spirit," says Jason Daniel, Brand Director, SKYY Vodka.  "Pairing our proprietary infusions process with the more complex wild strawberry varietal, we have captured the true essence of the fruit allowing fans to experience that delicious flavor without a blender or heavy juices.  Just add club soda and you have a delicious strawberry cocktail to enjoy with your sweetheart on Valentine's Day or add a squeeze of lemon for a refreshing sipper year round."

Since the introduction of SKYY Vodka in 1992, Campari America has always been an innovator.  With the development of SKYY Infusions, first released in 2008, Campari America has charted a new course for flavored vodkas by creating products that cater to the current consumer trend toward natural, infused products that elevate the taste experience.

SKYY Infusions was originally launched in five flavors - Citrus, Cherry, Grape, Raspberry and Passion Fruit, in April 2008 by Campari America. A year later, SKYY introduced SKYY Infusions Pineapple, which quickly became a nationwide centerpiece of classic and contemporary Tiki cocktailing. In 2010, SKYY Infusions Ginger made its debut, making the delectable, sweet taste of ginger readily available to any bartender or consumer. SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit and SKYY Infusions Blood Orange, both launched in 2011, offered two alluring, distinctively different spirits to the portfolio, followed by SKYY Infusions Coconut in 2012.  With the introduction of its eleventh expression, SKYY Infusions Wild Strawberry, Campari America continues its high standard for premium, naturally infused vodkas developed on the principles of quality, innovation and style.

SKYY Infusions Wild Strawberry will be available in 50ml ($1.99), 750mL ($18.49), 1L ($23.49) and 1.75L ($26.99).  The launch will be supported by a fully integrated marketing campaign featuring advertising, social media activities, and on-/off-premise sampling promotions.


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