Gruppo Campari has unveiled a flavoured extension of its Skyy vodka brand in the US.

The company announced yesterday (10 March) that Skyy Spirits, its wholly-owned subsidiary, will release Skyy Infusions across the country this Spring. The variant will be available in five flavours - citrus, cherry, passion fruit, raspberry and grape - and will begin to hit stores in April ahead of a full US roll-out in May.

"When we took a look at the flavoured vodka category, it was easy to realise it was over-saturated with products that had no real point of differentiation," said Gerry Ruvo, president and CEO of Skyy Spirits. "With Skyy Infusions, we are going a completely different direction. We are introducing a proprietary infusions process that allows us to really capture that 'true-to-fruit' taste, while meeting a real consumer desire for all-natural products."

Skyy Infusions will be available in 50ml, 750ml, 1-litre and 1.75-litre (for the citrus variant only). The brand will be supported by a marketing campaign anchored by the tagline 'Go Natural'. Marketing support during the launch will include extensive on- and off-trade sampling, a nationwide advertising campaign, point of sale materials and bartender education. Skyy Spirits will also embark on a two-month cross-country mobile sampling tour.

To coincide with the launch, Skyy Spirits has prepared a new-look bottle, not only for Skyy Infusions, but also for its flagship Skyy vodka. While the labelling stays the same, the bottle is taller and thinner, in an attempt to help the brand stand out on the back bar.