The Italian aperitif brand, Campari, is entering the RTD market with the launch of Campari Mixx, a 6.5% abv pre-mixed blend of Campari and grapefruit flavours.

Campari CEO, Marco Perelli-Cippo, said that the brand was not exclusively targeted at female drinkers, describing the new product as "a unisex product".

The company plans to produce 10m 275 ml bottles, which come in a red sleeve, by the end of this year, pushing production to over 25m bottles in 2003. Campari has invested some €8m ($7.81m) in advertising Mixx.

The company's first priority for Mixx will be the Italian and Swiss markets, with subsequent launches possible in Germany and Greece. But Mixx will not be launched in the US, Perelli-Cippo said.