The Campari Group has bought Barbero 1891. The group announced today that it has signed an agreement to purchase Barbero 1891, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Irish drinks maker Cantrell & Cochrane for €150m (US$180.2m).

The acquired portfolio includes Aperol, Aperol Soda and Barbieri liqueurs in the spirits segment, accounting for 60% of the expected net turnover for the fiscal year ending February 2004, and Mondoro and Enrico Serafino in the wines segment. The purchase does not include some sparkling wine brands, including the Conte di Cavour brand, sold by Barbero to Gancia Group before the acquisition of Barbero by Campari, and the Frangelico brand, which will remain within the Cantrell & Cochrane Group.

In a statement, Campari chief executive Marco Perelli-Cippo said: "In line with the Group's strategy, this acquisition represents a further strengthening in the spirits and wines markets: Aperol integrates our offer in the medium-alcoholic content spirits segment which is experiencing a strong growth in Italy and internationally; at the same time, with Mondoro, we will consolidate our strong position in the premium Asti segment on international markets."

Expected pro-forma net turnover for fiscal year ending February 2004 for Barbero is approximately € 55 million, representing an increase of 10% on the previous year.