US Consumer groups have lobbied government for the introduction of uniform advice labels on beer, wine and spirits. The National Consumers League, the Center for Science in the public interest and others petitioned the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) yesterday to put advice labels on alcoholic beverage containers detailing "alcohol facts."

The groups want labels to detail the alcohol content expressed as a percentage of volume, serving size, amount of alcohol per serving, number of calories per serving, ingredients, the number of standard drinks per container, and US Dietary Guidelines' advice on moderate drinking for men and women.

Jeff Becker, president of the Beer Institute, a trade association, told Associated Press that the group is analysing the proposal. He also said: "Beer labelling has been regulated for decades by a balance of federal and state interests and authorities."

However, the president of the National Consumers League, Linda Golodner, told Associated Press: "Existing labelling rules are inconsistent, confusing and don't help consumers compare beverages' alcohol or calorie content."

In a statement released yesterday, Distilled Spirits Council president Peter H. Cressy, said: "The petition filed today would require the addition of basic nutrition facts for beverage alcohol products. Some beverage alcohol products already have this information on their packaging." He added: "We look forward to providing our views to TTB during any rulemaking proceedings which may evolve."