Caffe Diva Group, Ltd., (CFDA) a publicly held espresso coffee and coffee roasting retailer announced today that it is continuing to seek acquisitions as a part of its consolidation plan while it continues negotiations of the previously announced merger with Creative Host Services, Inc. (Nasdaq:CHST - news) a San Diego, California, based operator of airport concessions. Ronald Davis, President of Caffe Diva said, "We are continuing the implementation of our business plan to increase our presence and market share. Through the combined efforts of Caffe Diva and KAL Equity Group, Ltd, our investment bankers, our business has grown substantially. We are projecting sales for the current fiscal year of approximately $19 million dollars." He went on to say, "We have identified other acquisitions which may be less expensive and more complimentary to our business than the merger currently being contemplated between Caffe Diva and Creative Host. We are also weighing our options as to inclusion on the Nasdaq national market quotation system or to go directly to the American Stock Exchange for listing." Caffe Diva Group operates 28 drive-thru and sit-down, Caffe Diva, establishments emphasizing coffee, coffee roasting, and baked goods in 6 Western States (Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Texas and Washington). It also owns and operates Marsee Baking Portland, Oregon. Caffe Diva's stock is thinly traded on the pink sheet over the counter market. Additional information about Caffe Diva Group's stock may be found on the Internet at