In the US Cachaca will be recognised as a "product of Brazil"

In the US Cachaca will be recognised as a "product of Brazil"

Cachaça is set to be recognised as a “distinctive product of Brazil” in the US from April after the authorities published a final ruling on the long-running bid.

The US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) said yesterday (25 February) that it would formally amend its regulations to recognise cachaça as a "rum" and product of Brazil. The final rule will be effective from 11 April, the TTB said. 

Last April the US and Brazilian authorities lined up a reciprocal agreement to recognise Bourbon whiskey and Tennessee whiskey as products of the US in Brazil, with Cachaça gaining origin recognition in the US.

Under Brazilian law, cachaça is a Brazilian distilled spirit with an abv between 38% and 48%, obtained from the distillation of the fermented must of sugar cane.

Last year, Diageo acquired cachaca brand Ypioca and later announced plans to up distribution of the brand to capitalise on the country's burgeoning middle class.