Trinity, the only spring water sold in its live and organic state without disinfectants, is the no.1 best seller in US health food stores, putting it ahead of Evian, Poland Springs and Volvic.Trinity Springs Ltd only began full time operation in May 1998 and by doing absolutely nothing at all to its water, it has gone nationwide and its one and a half litre bottle is now the US best seller in still packaged water throughout natural food stores.All bottled waters in the US are disinfected but Trinity spring water is completely protected from all pollution by its environment and, is considered one of the world's most rare, pristine sources of water on the planet.Situated on the edge of the vast Idaho wilderness, the Trinity spring is deep and geothermal and flows through a crystal lined fault that is deeper than two miles and is protected by the Idaho Batholith, a massive underground formation of granite that is 23,000 square miles around and 20 miles deep.Trinity is available in individual PET plastic bottles in three sizes and after only 11 months on the market was seventh best selling water in the Natural Foods channel in the US.Sarah Diston