Anheuser-Busch is launching its biggest UK promotion so far for Budweiser.

The US brewing giant will this week unveil 'Bud Bucks', an interactive campaign that centres on unique codes displayed on 400 million bottles and cans of Budweiser in the UK.

Consumers can text or email in the code to claim their Bud Bucks and will be notified by text message of their Bud Bucks value. Every Budweiser has a random, "virtual"  value, ranging from $5 to $100. Once consumers have created a profile, they can access their online account to see how many Bud Bucks they have accumulated.

This virtual cash can then be used to buy, bid on or win a series of prizes including a trip to the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, or skiing in Aspen, Colorado.

"Our consumer audience is into everything that is interactive, and they embrace new technology with a passion," said Vicki Kipling, Budweiser's group controller. "Bud Bucks gives them an opportunity to collect a new virtual currency and use it how they wish; they decide themselves what to bid for or buy."

The promotion will be supported by a full-scale marketing campaign and will be featured on all Budweiser 330ml and 300ml bottles plus 440ml and 500ml cans.

Last week, A-B said that its international volumes had risen over 9% during 2006. The brewer said, however, that volumes had fallen in the UK and Ireland.