The sales of beer from Budweiser Budvar increased faster in 2007 than the Czech market average.

Budweiser Budvar's domestic sales reached 666,163 hectolitres of beer, which is 11.7% more than the year before. At the same time, the beer consumption in the Czech market grew by only about 0.5% onto the total of 16.4 million hectolitres.

Budweiser Budvar exported 586,885 hectolitres of beer in total to 53 countries, having therefore reached the highest volume in the brewery's history. Compared to the previous year, it means a 5.7% increase, while the overall beer export from the Czech Republic increased by only 1.6% last year.

The rise in production was also positively reflected in the economic results of the brewery. Budweiser Budvar's 2007 profit prior to taxation increased by 13%, having reached CZK302m. The corporation's capital rose by 7% onto CZK4,057m. In 2007, Budweiser Budvar invested CZK261m into the corporation's development, including racking lines, barrels and crates as well as the interior of the Masné krámy restaurant.

"We are pleased with 2007; it was a tough but positive year," said Budweiser Budvar's managing director Jirí Bocek. "We managed to substantially increase our sales and accomplished the historically highest export.

"Additionally, we improved the economic parameters of the corporation, carried out important investments and extended our domestic product offer with two new beer brands."

In 2007, Budweiser Budvar extended its portfolio with draught beer Pardál and Carlsberg imported premium lager. Initially, Pardál began being sold on 1 March 2007 in the local South Bohemian market. The sales of the Pardál brand noticeably surpassed the original anticipation, the company said, and its sales reached the total of 76,000 hectolitres.