Click through to see the new names and packaging for Budejovicky Budvars beer portfolio

Click through to see the new names and packaging for Budejovicky Budvar's beer portfolio

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Budejovicky Budvar has updated the packaging across its entire portfolio, while renaming its full range of beers.

The Czech brewer confirmed earlier today (17 April) that it is in the process of launching the new packaging globally. The move coincides with the introduction of new names for its beers, all of which will be preceded by the letter 'B'.

The pack changes have been introduced to “enable a better recognition of the products by a consumer, decrease the number of label versions and increase the output of the bottle filling rooms”, the company said. Work on the redesign began in 2010, with around 200 elements having to be considered for the range not only in Czech but also in the company's export markets.

“The existing label for the Budweiser Budvar brand has been used since 2005,” the brewer said. “However, the old design of the packaging gradually ceased to perform its purpose and did not satisfy the market requirements.”

The range of Budvar's beers will now be known as:

  • B:Original – designates Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager
  • B:Dark – refers to the colour of Budweiser Budvar Dark Lager
  • B:Classic – the new name for Budweiser Budvar Pale Draught Beer
  • B:Free – designates Budweiser Budvar Non-Alcoholic Lager
  • B:Strong – for special beer BUD
  • B:Special – for 'Krausened Lager'

“The names of the products have been chosen in such a way they are comprehensible to Czech customers as well as to foreign tourists and consumers in more than 60 countries to which the brewery exports its beer,” Budvar said. “This new terminology has a considerable potential for better recognition of Budweiser Budvar beers from the competing ones.”

The original brand names will still appear on the new labels.

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