U.S. beer drinkers scored a 10-year record high in 1999, with consumption rising by 93 million gallons, it is reported in Beer in the U.S., 2000 edition, the 17th annual study of the U.S. beer market by Beverage Marketing Corporation, the leading provider of data and consulting services to the worldwide beverage industry. Domestic brewers and importers alike "delighted in a 3-billion barrel surge in beer volume, the industry's best performance in a decade," the report declares. As a key factor in this advance, it cites growth in the number of adult drinkers and an accompanying rise in per capita consumption, equivalent to 22.3 gallons for every U.S. resident for the year. Other factors contributing to both volume growth and profitability included widespread price increases, consolidation among domestic producers, a favorable economic climate and a growing "appreciation of the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption."