A lawsuit against a Budweiser distributor has been settled before it got to court. The charge against American Eagle Distributing Co. had been made by Ross Hopkins, 41, who had claimed he was dismissed for drinking a Coors beer outside of work. The lawsuit was scheduled to be heard on Monday (31 October).

On Wednesday, Hopkins' attorney, Britton Morrell, filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, with no explanation as to why.

Hopkins alleged that he was fired after the daughter and son-in-law of American Eagle's president saw him drinking a Coors in a bar in May 2003. Hopkins was accused by the daughter, Julie McCawley of bad-mouthing the company and using profanity while wearing a Budweiser cap. Hopkins had countered that he was only drinking the Coors because the waitress had given him the beer by accident.

Speaking to The Denver Post, American Eagle's attorney, Jeff Bedingfield, said: "I don't think anybody is happy with the fact the lawsuit was filed on either side."