Bucks County Coffee Co. announced today that it has launched a newly redesigned e-commerce site that marks the opening of the company's first store in cyberspace. The site is located at www.buckscountycoffee.com .First launched over a year ago, the site was originally designed to promote the Bucks County Coffee Co. brand image while providing basic information about company products and retail locations. During the last year, Bucks County Coffee Company saw a steady increase in purchases that came via their website. This growth required the company to enhance the site's features as well as the online coffee shopping experience. The move takes the retailer, with 36 locations in the mid-Atlantic region, into the national e-commerce arena. "You don't need to come to the Philadelphia area to get the best coffee available," said Rodger Owen, President and founder of Bucks County Coffee Co., "all you need to do is turn on your computer and point your browser to