The British Soft Drinks Association has unveiled its sustainability strategy for soft drinks producers in the UK.

The strategy, announced today (10 June) by the trade association, focuses on four areas - climate change, waste and packaging, water and transport - and outlines the industry's position in each of these areas.

These areas of focus also reflect the objectives laid out in the government's Food Industry Sustainability Strategy and align the BSDA with the targets set earlier in 2008 by the Food and Drink Federation, the association said.

The current president of the BSDA, and chief executive of Britvic, Paul Moody, said: "This strategy represents a bold step forward by the soft drinks industry and will enable us to build on, and further improve our environmental performance. We believe that by working collectively as an industry, and with the support of national and local government, we can make a significant and positive impact on the environment."

Jill Ardagh, BSDA director general, added: "Sustainability is top of BSDA's agenda and the development of this strategy will play a vital role in ensuring that it remains central to all activity moving forward. The objectives set will present the industry with many challenges as well as new opportunities to innovate and adapt to the changing climate in which we now operate."