Brown-Formans Chambord Flavored Vodka

Brown-Forman's Chambord Flavored Vodka

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Brown-Forman's Chambord Flavored Vodka

Category - Vodka, flavoured, 75 proof (37.5% abv)

Available - From 1 August

Location - US - CA, AZ, TX, LA, MO, KY, IL, MA, GA, NY, DC, FL and PA with national roll-out to follow

Price - SRP of US$24.99 per 75cl bottle

Chambord Flavored Vodka marks Brown-Forman's first brand extension for Chambord.

The vodka is produced in the grounds of La Sistiere, a chateau in the Loire Valley of France. It is a blend of French vodka and Chambord Liqueur’s black raspberry flavour.

“Some of the most popular Chambord Liqueur cocktails are mixed with vodka, so extending the brand into the flavoured vodka category was a natural step for an innovation like this,” said Chambord's brand manager, Josh Hayes.