Brown-Formans Canadian Mist Black Diamond

Brown-Forman's Canadian Mist Black Diamond

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Brown-Forman's Canadian Mist Black Diamond

Category - Spirits, Canadian whisky, 43% abv

Available – From later this month

Location – US, initally in six markets – Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and Texas. More markets will follow in early 2011

Price – SRP of US$14.99 per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Brown-Forman

Canadian Mist Black Diamond is a line extension from Brown-Forman's Canadian Mist Whisky. It is blended at 86 proof and has a higher Sherry and rye content than Canadian Mist.

The signature of master blender Steve Hughes will appear on each bottle.

Canadian Mist is distilled in Collingwood, Ontario.