Brown-Forman has unveiled “the next chapter” in a Southern Comfort TV ad campaign that has returned the brand to growth in the US.

The company now hopes the new “Whatever's Comfortable” push, which launched in the US yesterday (9 June) and the UK today, can revive falling global sales when it rolls out internationally over the next few months. Southern Comfort's full-year net sales rose 1% in the US, but declined 4% globally, Brown-Forman reported last week. 

Lena DerOhannessian, VP global marketing director for Southern Comfort, told just-drinks in an exclusive interview that the ad attempts to capture the same tone as last year's campaign, which featured a man walking down a beach

"A lot of spirits drinks encourage consumers to be bigger, better bolder and more attractive than they really are," DerOhannessian said. "But we found that consumers just want to be told its ok to be exactly who they are."

DerOhannessian called the original ad Southern Comfort's “secret weapon” in its return to growth, and said that as well as boosting sales in the US, it has turned around the UK market. It has not aired in other markets, but should roll out in Germany soon.

“Southern Comfort needed a turnaround and was suffering the same sort of challenges globally and we needed to really establish something new, compelling and powerful about this brand,” DerOhannessian said.

Financial details of the latest campaign were not disclosed, but DerOhannessian said it features “a full suite” of TV spots, including the first in the range, which can be seen above.