Brown-Forman today (18 August) launched an online 'issues' forum as part of its corporate responsibility initiative.

The 'our thinking about drinking' ( forum is an online resource where visitors can find research and learn about "important alcohol-related issues", the company said.

Jim Bareuther, executive vice president global business development, said the forum is the next step in the company's leadership in "responsibility-focused efforts".

"Deciding to be transparent about the company's positions requires us to seek balanced information, feedback, and insights on an ongoing basis - a practice that we hope will help inform our employees, business partners, and other stakeholders.

"It is an opportunity for us - and for all interested parties - to contribute to the ongoing dialogue and discussion about the role of alcohol in society and how to curtail abuse and promote responsible consumption."

The forum covers five categories: Youth & Alcohol, Drinking & Driving, Alcohol & Health, Overconsumption and Marketing & Access, and invites experts to share their insights, research, and opinions on the topics.

Last week, Brown-Forman launched Jack Daniel's & Cola in a can. The 330ml cans have an abv of 6% (equivalent to a 50ml serve of Jack Daniel's) and are available to retailers in trays of 12 single cans and four packs.