Following the launch last year in the US of its low carb wines One.4 Chardonnay and One.6 Merlot, Brown-Forman Wines has introduced the brands into the UK on-trade.

The names, One.4 Chardonnay and One.6 Merlot, indicate how many carbohydrates are contained in a 125ml serving.  The wines are distributed by Matthew Clark.

The company said the wines are made using standard winemaking techniques. The grapes are selected from vineyards which naturally produce lower sugar levels, and then fermented to complete dryness. Barrel-aged wines are then blended in (approximately 30%) for added mouthfeel and complexity. 

Naomi Gooding, new product development manager for Brown-Forman Wines, said: "Lowering your carbs doesn't have to mean lowering your expectations. One.4 Chardonnay and One.6 Merlot have been crafted for those who refuse to compromise the taste of a great wine. While other brands in the wine business have made a claim to be low carbohydrate, only Brown-Forman has produced a brand to meet the needs of the estimated 3m people in the UK counting carbohydrates on a daily basis."

David Cox vice president of Brown-Forman Wines Europe told just-drinks: "The wines have been quite a success in the US. We took the view that there was quite a section of the community who are counting carbs in the UK, and that seemed to be a first to take advantage of."

He said that while the brand had been aimed at the on-trade so far there was some "measured interest" from the retailers. Cox said that the off-trade had thus far been cautious that this was going to be a atkins-style fad. "We are trying to convince them it won't be," he said.

He added that the company expected to see some listings over the spring and summer.

As well as the US, Brown-Forman has also launched the wines in Norway and in Holland, where they are available in the on-trade.