Brooklyn Brewery has also teamed up with Carlsberg in Scandinavia

Brooklyn Brewery has also teamed up with Carlsberg in Scandinavia

Brooklyn Brewery has opened a craft brewery on a tropical South Korean island as it continues to partner with beer makers around the world.

Jeju Brewing Co, on the holiday island of Jeju, follows two collaborations in Scandinavia with Carlsberg and will see Brooklyn tap into the growing South Korean craft beer market, it said. The project plans to launch new beers targeted at South Korean consumers and created by brewers trained at Brooklyn's New York headquarters.

"Ultimately, our partnership is about helping to start a craft brewery in a burgeoning market,"  Brooklyn Brewery president Robin Ottaway said last week.
Ottaway said the project is in collaboration with two South Korean entrepreneurs who contacted Brooklyn Brewery three years ago.

"The idea of starting a craft brewery in Korea, a market dominated by a duopoly of big brewers, with complicated and protectionist alcohol laws, and high taxes, didn't initially seem obvious. But these guys had a passion and determination we could relate to and appreciate," Ottaway said.

Jeju is South Korea's largest island and attracts about 12m tourists a year to its beaches and volcanic rock formations. According to Ottaway, the water on the island - which is filtered through volcanic rock - is "famed throughout Asia" for its purity.

In April 2014, Brooklyn Brewery and Carlsberg unveiled an 8,000-barrel capacity site in Stockholm, called Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. The brewery initially brewed five new beers. Last year, Carlsberg open a second joint brewery with Brooklyn Brewery, this time in Trondheim, Norway