Brooklyn Brewery has told just-drinks it has no plans to sell equity after a report claimed the company was on the hunt for investors.

Marketing director Ben Hudson refuted a Reuters interview with Brooklyn co-founder Steve Hindy that said Brooklyn was considering selling equity using investment banks. “We’re not selling equity,” Hudson said.

“Steve was merely commenting that considering all the interest in craft from outside parties and the fact that the business has never been more competitive, it’s understandable why some breweries may be looking for investors.”

In an interview with Beer Business Daily today, Brooklyn Brewery president Robin Ottaway said the Reuters article “twisted a bit what Steve said”. However, he said of the interest from investors: “Everyone's talking to everyone; you'd be [silly] not to in this environment.”

Brooklyn Brewery is looking to build a new brewery on Staten Island at a reported cost of US$70m. Hudson said the project is still in the early stages of financing and is not yet a done deal.

“[We] have no idea exactly what [the financing] will look like because we haven’t finalised location or design,” he said. “It’s exciting but, as I said, early.”

In April, Brooklyn Brewery said it is to open a second joint brewery with Carlsberg, in Trondheim, Norway.