Australian wine group BRL Hardy are to launch a new range of sweet table wines targeted at young women drinkers to lure them away from RTD spirit based mixes.

Initially to be sold on the domestic market, the Annabella brand will begin with two whites and a red selling at A$10-13, (US$5.30-6.80). Australian trading manager Brian de Mamiel said Annabella was a direct response to the phenomenal growth in the RTD market, which contrasted with generally flat domestic sales of Australian wine.

BRL Hardy tried a similar initiative with its Wicked wine brand, boldly packaged bottles with such names at Envy, Greed, Lust and Flirt. However, de Mamiel said the brand had not met targets. In pursuing sweetness for the younger and female market, BRL Hardy hope to repeat the 1960s success of Ben Ean moselle which was not only a huge seller in its own right but proved an entry point to wine generally.