Robinsons Select

Robinsons Select

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Product Launch - Britvic Robinsons Select

Britvic is to launch premium squash range Robinsons Select on the UK soft drinks market.

Category - premium squash, still

Available - Now

Location - Multiple and independent retailers

Price - GBP1.59 (US$2.36) per 850ml bottle

Distribution - Britvic

Robinsons Select is aimed at a "more adult palate" and available in the following flavours: Orange, Mandarin and Peach; Apple & Wild Blueberry; Red Grape, Pomegranate & Raspberry; Orange, Mandarin and Peach No Added Sugar.

"Robinsons Select will fill a gap in the market where consumers are looking for a premium squash and are happy to pay a little more for the right product," said Leslie Davey, Robinsons brand director at Britvic. 

The launch will be supported by outdoor advertising, sampling and point-of-sale marketing.

Separately, Britvic is also introducing a new look for its Robinsons brand, with a new label that features parents and children picking fruit.

The firm will also relaunch Robinsons Barley Water in 850ml bottles, to coincide with the Robinsons brand's 75th anniversary of its sponsorship with the Wimbledon tennis championship.