UK-based Britvic Soft Drinks is introducing permanent price marking to its key packs of leading Pepsi, 7 Up, Tango and Robinsons.

In a bid to drive sales in independents and boost retailers profits the new pricing policy said Britvic is in line with the Right Choice strategies, encouraging people to trade up to 500ml and two-litre pack sizes which provide better cash margins, as well as driving future consumption by reminding shoppers to buy squash from their local store.

"Price marked packs are a powerful marketing tool for the independent trade because they create an instant promotional display whilst maintaining good wholesaler and retailer margins," said Murray Harris, Britvic's business unit controller.

"People are prepared to pay a premium for soft drinks in convenience stores, but if retail selling prices are excessive then retailers will lose out," he added.

Pepsi, 7 Up and Tango two-litre packs will be priced marked at £1.19 (US$1.73) and Robinsons Original and Special R one-litre packs will be price market at £0.99.