Britvic Soft Drinks is to spend £4m initially in a commitment to drive the entire adult soft drinks category, following its acquisition of Orchid Drinks.

The Orchid acquisition sees the brands Ame, Aqua Libra and Purdey's join the Britvic portfolio (currently worth £382m).

"Orchid Drinks have performed extremely well so far, they are very strong brands. By incorporating Orchid into the Britvic portfolio, we now have a totally comprehensive range of soft drinks that fulfils adult physical and emotional needs," said Britvic category director, Andrew Marsden.

"This puts Britvic in the unique position of being able to realise the massive opportunities for growth and profit across all trade sectors, thereby generating new sales and profit for our customers," he added.

Ame, originally launched in 1992 is the Orchid Drinks brand leader and will spearhead the Britvic campaign beginning in May. It will have a new advertising and promotional campaign including press and poster advertisements and a national sampling programme.

Purdey's will also benefit from a new advertisement and promotional campaign from May as well as an outdoor city-based sampling schedule.

Britvic, believing that there is potential to broaden the appeal of Aqua Libra beyond its current core consumer into becoming a regular health conscious choice, is to give it new packaging from August as well as a targeted PR campaign.

"Adults make up 70% of the population and currently consume almost half of all soft drinks," says Britvic's category director, Andrew Marsden.

"Per capita consumption is growing and most importantly, adults control 80% of spending. We regard adults as the key sector to grow the whole soft drinks category and deliver profitability to our customers," he added.

Britvic is also aiming to double to value of the Orchid Drinks portfolio in 5 years, from £16m retail value to £32m.