Britvic Soft Drinks is launching a new bottled water brand in the UK called Drench and will also relaunch Pennine Spring natural mineral water, with a new bottle and label design, in January.

Britvic is targeting Drench at 16 to 25-year-old male and female urban consumers, having identified urban youth as a gap in the bottled water market. It is being backed by a GBP2.3m launch campaign and will be available in 500ml and 750ml bottles with flip-top leak-proof caps for drinking 'on the go'.

"Our research has revealed a unique opportunity in the water market for a brand aimed at urban youth who want to get the most out of life," says Andrew Marsden, Britvic's category director.

The relaunch of Pennine Spring, a 'drink later' proposition, will focus on the water's Yorkshire provenance.