Britvic said it is "perfectly positioned" to help retailers with the UK tax

Britvic said it is "perfectly positioned" to help retailers with the UK tax

Britvic has launched a website that aims to prepare UK retailers for the country's upcoming sugar tax.

The site,, provides a range of tools for soft drinks outlets to "maximise their soft drinks sales", Britvic said this week. It includes a profit calculator that details the financial impact of the levy, due to be implemented in April, and advice on how to optimise sugar free ranges.

The site will be expanded to host wider information on the sugar-free category and its brands.

Britivic said it is "perfectly positioned" to help foodservice and leisure operators with the levy as it has overhauled its portfolio to prepare for the sugar tax.

"Our primary focus is to ensure that operators have all the information and support that they need to select the right stock for their customers and turn the levy into an opportunity in their outlets," Britvic's director of leisure, Russell Goldman, said.

Britvic has made a number of changes to its portfolio over the past few years to reduce sugar content, including moving all of its Robinsons products to no-added sugar. More recently, it has launched Robinson Fruit Creations and Fruit Cordial. Fruit Creations comes in nine fruit flavours - including Mandarin & Lime and Fresh Pear & Blueberry - and falls under the threshold of the sugar tax.

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