Leading soft drinks company, Britvic Soft Drinks, is all set to reveal the first of its TV advertisements on Monday, to boost the launch of Juice Up, its new range of chilled juice drinks.As part of a £1.5m campaign, Britvic has carefully chosen its broadcast schedule to reach both older children and teenagers. It is determined to maximise the potential of a product, they believe will add £53m to the category in grocery multiples alone."This is not just more run-of-the-mill advertising to kids, it is advertising for kids," said Britvic marketing director, Andrew Marsden."They are an upbeat and gritty portrayal of 14 year-olds taking life as it comes, with optimism and honesty."Commenting on Juice Up, Marsden said: "The timing is right for a nutritious new drink that satisfies cool kids and health aware mums. The response to Juice Up has already been extremely positive and we are confident that it will re-energise the fruit drinks sub category, driver market value and increase customer profit." Sarah Diston