The UK's leading on-trade soft drinks company Britvic has widened the appeal of cranberry with the launch of its "adult tasting" fruit drink, Ruby's.In a market where soft drink consumption is on the increase, Britvic says Cranberry juice has jumped into the adult repertoire over the last three years with a 66% year-on-year growth in retail value. Available in three flavours, Cranberry & Raspberry, Cranberry & Blueberry and Cranberry & Orange, the Ruby's drinks have no artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives and are designed to be served chilled or as a mixer "with an edge."According to Britvic Ruby's are lightly carbonated with combined flavours in order to create an interesting and soft drink aimed at 18- to 40-year-old pub and club goers and trials have proven extremely successful across all ages and social groups."We understand the need to fulfil the demands of both consumer and customer in a rapidly changing on-trade market, led by females, the young, the family, the car and food," said Britvic's customer marketing controller for on-premise, Andrew Broadhurst.Ruby's retails at £1.35 in a 275ml bottle.Sarah Diston