Brick Brewing has entered into an agreement with High Falls Brewing Company of Rochester, New York to be their exclusive import agent for Ontario. High Falls is best known for their Genesee and JW Dundee families of beers.

"Import beers make up a considerable share of the Canadian market," said
Jim Brickman, founder and chairman of Brick. "We want to participate in this segment of the market and are very excited to be selected as the partner to import Genesee and JW Dundee beers into Ontario. These beers are well known and well liked by beer drinkers in Canada who travel to the United States."
Genesee Lager and Ice have been available in Ontario through LCBO stores but Brick plans to expand distribution to include The Beer Store and to increase promotional efforts for the Genesee brand family.

"Brick is well respected for their beers in Canada," said John Henderson, president and COO of High Falls Brewing Company. "They understand what it takes to make brands successful in Canada. Our companies are similar in many ways in that we are each focused on offering both a variety of high quality value and premium beers. We are looking forward to working with Brick to introduce more consumers to our excellent award winning beers." he added.

Imported beers account for approximately 10% of all beers sold in Canada and about 15% of all beers sold in Ontario.