Russia banned alcohol advertising in 2012

Russia banned alcohol advertising in 2012

Russia has temporarily lifted a ban on beer ads, allowing brewers to campaign around sports events until the end of 2018, according to local media.

The country's parliament last week reversed previously strict alcohol laws that outlawed TV, print and online ads for all alcohol, the Moscow Times reported. The amendment was reportedly passed to boost funding for the FIFA World Cup, which Russia hosts in 2018.

The move reportedly allows brewers to advertise on TV and in stadiums during sporting events and on the inside pages of print media.

Alcohol consumption in Russia has fallen dramatically since 2012, when Russia passed a number of laws to curb excessive drinking. Alcohol advertising on TV, radio, the internet, public transport and billboards, as well as in stadiums and within 100 meters of sports facilities was outlawed under the rules, according to the report.

A Bernstein analyst said last month that per capita consumption of legal alcohol in Russia has fallen by around 20% from its peak in 2007, and is back to the levels of 2001.