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Brewdog's Hello My Name is Vladimir

Category - Beer, IPA, 8.2% abv

Available - From this week

Location - Online at and from all UK Brewdog bars

Price - Online price of GBP2.89 (US$4.70) per 33cl bottle

Distribution - Brewdog

Scottish craft brewer Brewdog has launched an IPA that pokes fun at Russian president Vladamir Putin.

Hello My Name is Vladimir is a “tongue-in-cheek” counter to Putin's endorsement of anti-homosexual laws implemented in the country last year," Brewdog said today (4 February) The same laws sparked a gay boycott of Russian vodka ahead of this year's Winter Olympics, due to start in Russia this week.

Brewdog said on its website: “This beer is our first foray into controversy with a cause greater than our own. An ironic beer, but one backed up with some serious flavours.”

The bottle features an Andy Warhol-style photo montage of Putin wearing makeup. Brewdog also released pictures of Brewdog founder James Watt mimicking poses made by the Russian leader, including one of Watt topless while riding a horse.  

Hello My Name is Vladimir is part of Brewdog's Hello My Name is... range and is a limonnik berry-infused double IPA. Brewdog said that half of the profits from the beer will go to “charities that represent oppressed minorities around the world”.