Austrian beer brand Edelweiss will enjoy a complete makeover next year to focus on a new product - Edelweiss Snowfresh.

The brand's owner, Austrian brewer Brau Union, has decided to fully launch Snowfresh after a successful debut in France. The brand has sold 27,000 hectolitres this year, prompting the Heineken-owned brewer to pursue it further in other markets.

The roll-out of Snowfresh has led Brau Union to stop selling its Edelweiss Hefetrüb and Dark beers.

Snowfresh is targeted at young, urban consumers with higher disposable income and is priced at the level of an international super-premium beer.

Snowfresh is made with Alpine herbs and syrup that are added to the original unfiltered wheat beer. Snowfresh has an abv of 5%, and will be available in 0.33 litre bottles and 25l kegs.