The Hungarian brewer, Brau Union Hungaria Sorgyarak, posted a 9% rise in revenues for 2002 but its volume growth did not keep pace with growth in the Hungarian beer market as a whole.

Brau Union registered a pre-tax profit for 2002 of HUF2.77 billion (US$12.25m), down 1.2% from HUF2.81 billion in 2001.

The company, which is part of the Austrian brewing group, Brau Union AG, reported net sales of HUF32.40 billion, up 8.8% from HUF29.77 billion in the previous year. Brau said raw materials and personnel costs had risen at a faster rate.

Brau's volume growth did not keep pace with the expanding beer market in Hungary. According to the company, total beer sales in Hungary rose by 3.9% in 2002 to 7.43m hls, giving per capita consumption of 73 litres. However, Brau's own volumes grew by less than half a percent to 1.95m hls. "Our market share narrowed to 26.1% from 27.1% in the previous year, so we stay in third position," the company said. However, Brau does claim a 40% share of the premium beer sector.