Click through to view Brand Phoenixs Battlefield Wines

Click through to view Brand Phoenix's Battlefield Wines

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Brand Phoenix's Battlefield Wines

Category - Wine, South Africa, Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon (12.5% abv), Sauvignon Blanc (11.5% abv)

Available - From this month

Location - UK, off-trade, exclusively in Sainsbury's

Price - Both have an SRP of GBP9.99 (US$15.50) per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Brand Phoenix/SHS

Brand Phoenix has launched Battlefield Wines in support of the Royal British Legion, with all post-tax profits going to the UK forces charities and British servicemen and women.

“The launch of Battlefield Wines is the first part of a long-term campaign which will see us help a number of charitable causes,” said Steve Barton, Brand Phoenix's UK director.

Brand Phoenix also owns the FirstCape wine brand.