Boyar Estates is launching the new Blueridge wine range with what it is describing as the most challenging and thought provoking advertising poster campaign of the year.

Running under the banner "Bulgarian Blueridge - Does is matter where it comes from?" the campaign has been formulated to signal the changing face of Bulgarian wines spearheaded by Boyar Estates.

Boyar Estates said of its latest campaign: "The adverts are intended to highlight the fact that great things often come from very humble origins, and counter the negative image of Bulgaria as a country producing quantity, rather than quality wines."

And as a decisive strike to encourage people to cast any preconceptions of Bulgarian wines aside and to judge Blueridge on merit rather than origin, four hard-hitting tag lines have also been devised including "The Windsors hail from Germany - Bulgarian Blueridge: does it matter where it comes from?"

The posters will run throughout the UK during May, June and July and are the latest in an ongoing line of above-the-line support for Blueridge from Boyar Estates, which includes television advertising on Channel 4 and E4.