Beam launched a global campaign for Jim Beam yesterday

Beam launched a global campaign for Jim Beam yesterday

The head of Beam Inc has said that Bourbon will remain its “cornerstone” as the spirit follows Scotch whisky into emerging markets.

Yesterday (4 September), the US-based company launched its first global campaign for flagship Bourbon brand Jim Beam, with CEO Matt Shattock promising that the push will “resonate … in our new and emerging markets”. 

“Jim Beam is our number one and our most powerful brand in our company,” Shattock said at a presentation hosted by Barclay's Bank yesterday. “It's the name on the door. It's the world's number one Bourbon.”

Bourbon and Jim Beam have “strong long-term growth prospects” in emerging markets," Shattock said. They can “come in the wake of Scotch and be one of the portfolio whiskies consumers will be interested in”, he added.

Bourbon accounts for one-third of Beam's sales. In last month's first-half results, the Jim Beam range increased global sales by 4%.

Shattock also said that Beam has found a new distribution partner in China, wine importer Asia Euro. “They've got the infrastructure and we're grafting our premium spirits into their portfolio. It made a lot of sense,” he said.