Bottler Systems, Inc. (BSI), an ISV focused on the direct-to-store distribution (DSD) industry, has entered the evolving market of the ASP (Application Service Provider) by offering its OASIS/400 product suite in a hosted environment. With this, BSI provides a packaged solution to small and medium sized businesses through access to its route accounting system OASIS/400 hosted on IBM AS/400s at BSI's data center located in Durham, NC. With the ASP model gaining momentum and experiencing significant growth, BSI realized that many smaller companies could benefit by a solution that reduces IT staffing requirements and offers companies an alternative to significant capital expenditures for hardware and software procurement. Smaller companies could really use software specifically written for the industry, but may not have the budget for an AS/400, software licenses, not to mention the cost of full time IT personnel. The advent of the Internet has made it possible for these smaller companies to access the same sophisticated OASIS/400 software their larger competitors are using. BSI provides the AS/400 servers and assumes full responsibility for all hardware and software maintenance, data backup and recovery. The OASIS/400 applications are accessed via the Internet or dedicated lines with 24/7 operational support and full business day availability of the systems.Bottler Systems, Inc.'s web site (